11-11-11 Teaser, new horror film shot at Hotel Granvia of Barcelona

Posted on 16 February 2011 in Barcelona, always!, Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

A few days ago we told you that horror film director Darren Lynn Bousman was shooting his most recent film at Hotel Granvia in Barcelona. Best known for the acclaimed 3 Saw sequels (II, III & IV), he has also directed: Repo! The Genetic Opera and, most recently, the remake of Troma, The Mother’s Day (with Rebecca de Mornay) that will debut next April 1, 2011.

On rare occasions, the premiere of a film can match its title, it this a coincidence?, maybe not … But can this movie be considered a psychological thriller, a biblical apocalypse or a human disaster story? The film is about the “Phenomenon 11:11”.Apparently, there are people who claim that the numbers have appeared to them repeatedly throughout their life, which means  there are angels or guardian spirits who are trying to communicate with them. Rounding out the issue, these people suggest that 11 is a number that has been associated with important historical events.

And nothing better than including Hotel Granvia in this movie, since it has also served as a spectacular backdrop for world renowned series and films shot in Barcelona.

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