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Cinema in Barcelona for Human Rights Education.

Aribau Club cinesmas will be converted into a giant classroom in the mornings, from 13 to 28 November, coinciding with the articulation of the Convention of the Rights of the Child. The cinema can be more than just entertainment; it can be an important educational tool, capable of interesting even the laziest student class. The […]


We’re proud to announce an exciting new feature on the Núñez i Navarro Hotels website: INF@ NN – BARCELONA. In this new section, you’ll find the best of the Ciudad Condal: The Jewels of Barcelona. A hip and modern city, with a rich history and an open-minded cosmopolitan atmosphere… In Barcelona you’ll come across buildings […]

We love the B Hotel…

“we loved the b hotel, the accomodation was so comfortable! The room was perfectly quiet and large, and with a relaxing atmosphere to be in, we loved the design, the combination of colours and materials are very well chosen! But also the big bed was very good (we slept very well), the climat control on […]

Barcelona’s Gargoyle.

Full of mystery and charm, Barcelona’s gargoyles can be seen in all their splendour on the gothic monuments of the city. In fact, it is hard to find a city where so many gargoyles have been so well preserved. The term originates from the French gargouille and it is most often applied to medieval work, […]

Barcelona World Race.

The Barcelona World Race is a two-handed non-stop round-the-world yacht race held every four years which will be departing from the city of Barcelona for the first time in 11th November 2007, coinciding with the last day of the Barcelona International Boat Show. The race will be bringing the top international sailors together for the […]

My first visit to Barcelona

“I didn’t know what to expect when I visited Barcelona for the first time. I travel quite frequently for business and I’ve learned that to make travelling less of a hassle� it is important to plan� my day ahead of time and� to avoid those little things that might� interfere with my schedule. Things such […]

SOHO hotel Barcelona – perfect hosts even for newly weds!

“Our experience of Soho Hotel in Barcelona in a nutshell – great team, modern and well equipped rooms, perfect location… and exceeding our expectations! We were in Barcelona for our wedding and were staying at SOHO – a 3 star hotel we found through the web. Honestly, 3 stars is very modest for this modern, […]