A giant giant thank you – Soho Hotel Barcelona

Posted on 18 July 2008 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“On a recent trip to madrid I had a malfunction with my adaptor for my electrical devices. I could not charge my laptop or phone. I was supposed to meet my best friend who was coming in from PARIS at 10pm outside the bed and breakfast we were staying at in BCN. After three hours waiting, I began to panic and searched BCN for an internet spot—-I found nothing. On a whim I went into your hotel thinking that the front desk person would speak English ( I speak very little Spanish), and could direct me to an internet cafe. I approaced the girl at the desk….(cannot remember her name…Marianna, Marcella, it was a saturday night shift) and told her I was seperated from my friends and needed to find internet. She showed me downstairs and helped me get online. I had many emails from my pals in Paris explaining their flight had been cancelled.

This member of your staff, bascially saved my life and my sanity. She went out of her way to help someone who was not even a hotel guest. I was so thankful and happy—-you would not find this kind of generosity or trust in NYC, where I curretnly live. I travel to spain for work—and you can imagine on my next trip I will be calling the SOHO HOTEL home. I hope the managers of this HOTEL know they have a very great staff and hopefully you can track down this employee and send her my sheer gratitude and thanks.

Again. Thank You.”

Ty McBride – experience sent by email, July 08.

Business Center - Hotel Soho Barcelona


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