B Hotel in Barcelona.

Posted on 17 December 2007 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“We had a wonderful stay with B Hotel, Barcelona and the hotel is indeed very modernly designed. It’s clean and the staff are pretty friendly and helpful. We loved the pool view and we are also pleased that they have a computer in the lobby for guests to check their emails or any information they need to find online free of charge.

Location of the hotel is quite good as its near the metro, Espanya and its convenient to get to and from the airport with the Aerobus A1 as there is a stop just few steps away from the hotel. Its the 1st stop when u come from the airport and also the last stop to go to the airport, hence, its so convenient and hassle-free.

Overall, we are happy to have a pleasant stay with them and will most certainly go back there again.”

By Leeja19, December 07.

Hall B-Hotel in Barcelona

website: www.b-hotel.com

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