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Posted on 29 May 2007 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

The name B-Hotel, inspired by the B in Barcelona, pays homage to the city of Barcelona and personifies the innovative concept of a building based on singularity. A paradigm of modernism and design, B-Hotel embodies an artistic soul that revolves around the letter B, whose architectonic symbol crowns the building, unmistakably locating it within the city skyline.

Logoa Hotel B-Hotel in Barcelona

The elegant fusion of interior space and natural light lends B-Hotel its avant-garde and urban nature, intrinsically linked to the city of Barcelona. Its distinctive spaces are specially designed for the cosmopolitan, professional traveler who appreciates the importance of stylistic details created particularly for this space and designed to enhance a unique stay in the remarkable city of Barcelona.

Once again, Núñez i Navarro has counted on world-renowned professionals to develop concepts in construction and avant-garde design:

  • Alfedro Arribas
  • Franc Aleu
  • Rafael Vargas
  • Studio X

Image Hotel B-Hotel in Barcelona

++ Info see the site: www.b-hotel.com

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