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Posted on 23 September 2009 in Barcelona, always!, Music & Performances

After the summer holidays, concerts and festivals in all shapes and sizes will keep the city buzzing. And if we take a good look at upcoming performances, it looks like Barcelona’s autumn music will be dominated by British groups.

From veterans like Sir Elton John, who will be performing at the Palau Sant Jordi on October 20th, to young singer-composers like James Morrison, who’ll be over here on October 26th at the Apolo, the new musical season is offering an intensive course on British sounds.

Depeche Mode visits Barcelona

Depeche Mode visits Barcelona

On this musical journey through the very best from the British Isles, three dates are a must for your calendar. The first is November 21st, when Barcelona will be hosting Depeche Mode, the trio who epitomise the living history of electronic rock, on their “Tour of the Universe”.

The second is December 5th, when Franz Ferdinand are back here with their controversial release ‘Tonight’, their most recent. The Glasgow lads, Brit-pop renewers in their time, will be playing at the Badalona Olympic Pavilion.

The third date to note on your calendar is November 27th, when Muse will be giving a live premiere of their new album, ‘The Resistance’, in a concert expected to be packed with emotions. A steady flow of ticket sales has enabled the band led by Matt Bellamy to move to the Palau Sant Jordi, as the venue they were meant to play at, the Badalona Olympic Pavilion, has turned out to be too small.

Another band hailing from England is The Prodigy. The trio formed in 1990 will be performing on 3 December at the Sant Jordi Club showing they’ve still got the same punk rave energy they had right at the start.

Other British groups dropping by in Barcelona not to forget are Editors (8 December at Razzmatazz), The Horrors (24 November at Razzmatazz), Camera Obscura (9 October at the Apolo) and Wire (7 October at La [2]).

All in all, Barcelona will have a strong British accent this fall. At least, in concerts.

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