Barcelona Electric Mopeds

Posted on 19 September 2011 in Barcelona, always!

The company Honda has given Barcelona City Council, for free, seventeen electric mopeds intended for various areas’ municipal services, including mobility and environment.

New Electric Mopeds

New Electric Mopeds

That means Barcelona is to become the first and only city in Europe to act as a testing ground for such vehicles, before they go on sale in the continent.

For his part, the Chairman of the company Montesa Honda SA, Yukitoshi Fujisaka, explained they chose our city because “motorbikes in Barcelona are an essential feature for transport and mobility“, and pointed out that it was “an important step towards extending zero-emission motorbikes to Europe“.

The tests, which are to be supervised by the RACC, who have also received a free moped, will be used for bringing about the appropriate adaptations to the model, designed for use at work, such as delivery and messaging services.

Aspects will be assessed such as its range, technical incidents and opportunities for improvement.

These mopeds, free of CO2 emissions, have seating for one person and a range of 34 km. Their batteries can be charged with a normal charger within three and a half hours, or with a fast charger within 30 minutes.

New fast chargers have also been provided, as well as eighteen portable charger and eighteen current transformers. Source:

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