Barcelona: one of the world’s happiest city

Posted on 10 September 2009 in Barcelona, always!

Barcelona is the third happiest city in the world, according to the American magazine Forbes, overtaken only Rio de Janeiro and Sydney, at first and second places, respectively.

Park Güell. Barcelona. One of Gaudis most famous masterpieces.

Park Güell. Barcelona. One of Gaudi's most famous masterpieces.

 The list was drawn up from data supplied by a survey among ten thousand people from twenty countries.

Barcelona is recognised for its warm climate, lively culture and football team, as well as its classic Mediterranean nature.

Barcelona is followed by Amsterdam, Melbourne and Madrid, in fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively. Next come San Francisco, Rome, Paris and Buenos Aires, which make up the ten cities perceived to be the happiest in the world, according to Forbes. 

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