Barcelona, Vertebrated City.

Posted on 19 March 2008 in Barcelona, always!

The documentary, in two parts of 30 minutes each, was produced jointly by TVE and Barcelona City Council. In February, it won a Bronze at the New York Festivals, in the Travel and Tourism Programmes section.

It covers the most important tourist aspects of the city and the profound changes for the Olympic Games and the Forum of Cultures.

Barcelona, ciudad vertebrada, directed by Nel Escudero and Juan Francisco Rodríguez, is a mix of documentary and tourist guide.

It includes traditional aspects, the most innovative elements in Barcelona, and also a night time journey in helicopter.

The most well-known corners of the city all appear in Barcelona, ciudad vertebrada: the Cathedral, the Rambla, the Liceu and Sagrada Família, even França station, Barça FC museum and Barceloneta beach.

There are references to historic aspects of the city, such as the old city walls and the Cerd plan, but also more recent, a new Barcelona which transforms an industrial polygon into a technology polygon, the 22@Barcelona district.

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Barcelona, Vertebrated City

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