Barcelona WiFi: new network with Free access to the Internet

Posted on 23 July 2009 in Barcelona, always!

Barcelona WiFi is a public network providing free Internet access which the public will be able to start taking advantage of during the course of this week at 170 hot spots clearly identified with “W” signs. This number will rise to 300 by the end of 2009.

They will be located in various municipal amenities spread across all the city districts and include, among others, civic centres, libraries, Citizen Advice Centres, sports centres, museums, markets and block interiors.

Users can access the service from laptops, PDAs, terminals with wireless interfaces and mobile devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry. All they need to do is look for networks with WiFi availability and choose the Barcelona WiFi service.

In addition, to answer any queries they have about connecting or browsing, users can contact the Barcelona WiFi website or check the service user manual.

Of the 500 connection points which the city will have by 2010, 60% will allow free browsing without any restrictions, except for ethically unacceptable pages, such as games or pornography, and pages with audiovisual downloads, IP telephony and videoconferencing.

Barcelona WiFi: new network with Free Internet access

Barcelona WiFi: new network with Free Internet access

In addition, for NN Hotels the Wireless Internet has become a standard service and offer to all of their clients free use of Business Centers and free WiFi Internet. 

  2 thoughts on “Barcelona WiFi: new network with Free access to the Internet

  1. Kostas Stefanidis

    Hi there!

    Very nice attempt. Allthough, in Eixample area (I’m staying right now in C/ de la Marina), all the “municipal amenities” are on vacation in August. So, free WiFi is completely useless to me…

    How can I get information from your SMS service without a spanish mobile?

    Right now I’m “stealing” the unlocked signal of a private wifi.

    PS. An irelevant quwstion: Has anybody thought, how a tourist who does not speak neither spanish nor Catala, will rent a bicycle on the street? Can somebody write some instructions in english?

    Can you pleeeeeeeeeeasy tell somebody to put some lifts in the metro (during the following decades)? We came with two babies, but for God’s sake, how can your handicaps move around? Are they flying???

  2. admin Post author

    Dear Kostas Stefanidis,
    Thanks for your interest in NN Experiences, the blog by Núñez i Navarro Hotels.

    The free Wi-Fi service is provided by the city, and we can not answer any questions or issues related to its function. You should address your queries directly to the Town Hall at; as well as those related with the bycicles and elevators.

    Here you can find a map with all the free Wi-Fi spots in Barcelona

    Best regards,

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