Bollywood in Barcelona.

Posted on 3 March 2008 in Barcelona, always!

The colourful dances of the Indian film industry are the basis for Bollywood, The Show, an Indian-Australian production, on for the first time in Spain. The highly successful show, which first opened in Sydney in 2005, will only be seen in Barcelona.

The choreographer is Vaibhavi Merchant, member of the family the musical is based on. It tells how Vaihbhavi Merchant, choreographer in films including Lagaan, had to face up to her family, rooted in tradition, to work in the film industry, as it was not considered appropriate for a woman.

More than fifty dancers and actors, with 700 different costumes, appear in this show, faithful to the Bollywood format, with canned music, although the drummers play live. The music itself includes the most famous soundtracks of Indian cinema.


Bollywood in Barcelona

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