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Posted on 13 April 2010 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“Excellent communication increases your business value”

Offering e-marketing solutions, best practice conferences, business training, sales incentives, in-house training, first class corporate hospitality and privileged membership services to European executives, Axiom Groupe provides a significant competitive advantage for enterprises. Axiom Groupe has selected Hotel 1898 in Las Ramblas has its hospitality partner in Barcelona.

Hotel 1898 in Barcelona will be hosting Axiom Events‘ next conference on June 17th & 18th where you will learn :

  • How do you re-invent your business in time of crisis?
  • How far can you ‘stretch’ your brand and still remain credible?
  • Combining market segmentation with customer’s understanding & brand’s identity
  • Focusing on the brand’s aspects which drive customer buying patterns
  • Building your brand more scientifically
  • Base your segmentation schemes on current conditions: sizes, age, ethnicity, lifestyle, attitudes
  • Assessing the impact of changes on future profitability
  • Bounding the potential impact of trends & deciding which are worth reacting to
  • Spot meaningful trends & determine their impact on customer’s landscape
  • Decide which segment to target & how to go after them
  • Distinguishing between cyclical effects & long term trends

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The solution to re-invent your business and leverage your corporate reputation, with exclusive key speakers from succesful corporations such as Maersk, Orange, RTL Group, Airbus, Michelin, Philips or ING to mention some.

More information: Axiom Groupe   ..::..   Hotel 1898

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