CaixaForum Barcelona Exhibition: Windows on the World

Posted on 3 April 2013 in Barcelona, always!

The CaixaForum is screening a series of short films, entitled “Finestres al món” (Windows on the World) about people from various countries going through highly adverse situations and yet facing up to reality with courage.

You will find anecdotes, stories and moments that show you the reality of these extreme situations. They revolve around people living in harsh circumstances and fighting to take their countries forward on the road to development.

Ventanas al Mundo | CaixaForum Barcelona

Ventanas al Mundo | CaixaForum Barcelona

Peeping through the windows to the world!

CaixaForum Centre Social i Cultural | From 24/01/2013 to 18/08/2013
Av Francesc Ferrer Guàrdia, 6 | Sants-Montjuïc
Free admission

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