Comfortable, Cool, Modern Hotel in Central Location

Posted on 22 September 2008 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

Getting to SoHo:
From BCN airport, exit outside and find the Aerobus (big blue bus). There is only one route. It costs 4,05 Euro per person and tickets can be bought from the driver or a ticket machine outside the bus. Since we do not speak Spanish, it was a bonus that the SoHo hotel web site listed the name of the area to get off the Aerobus (Urgell). It was a bit hard to understand (again because we don’t speak Spanish or Catalan) and I would recommend asking the driver or another passenger to point it out to you. After exiting the bus, we walked a few blocks up Gran Via and there it was like a beacon – SoHo! You cannot miss the large sign and it was a welcome sight.

The Hotel:
Very cool! We ran around the room for 10 minutes checking things out. The textured floor is a nice touch. The lighting buttons (you must have a card in to use electricity) are very interesting – hot and soft settings (like bright and ambient light) and an off button that I hit on more than one occasion thinking it was for the bedroom and left my boyfriend in the dark in the bathroom! Nice toiletries and bathroom kit with emergency razor and toothbrush. We loved the colors and spaciousness of the room. The bed was extremely comfortable. The only thing I would mention is that the walls are a bit thin – we heard the activities of other couples during the night. Not bad except when they talk and talk and talk!

SoHo is just about one block from the Urgell metro stop. Super easy to get to attractions. Also, since the hotel is on the Gran Via (basically a main drag of the area), we often opted to walk to a site instead of take the metro (used only 8 of the 10 visits on the T10 journey card we purchased).

Enjoyed the plunge pool. The area is a bit smallish but works for the purpose – to cool off and enjoy the sun! Wish there was a bar up there.

Staff was always very friendly and helpful. We asked for several recommendations and were provided with directions and information. I would have liked a few more suggestions and a map when we checked in instead of asking for one. I also would have appreciated some tips on the metro but we didn’t know what we didn’t know (for example, we were confused that the metro ticket machine asked what zone we wanted – Barcelona that you would want to visit is only zone one).

Quite delicious. We always opted to eat outside. The food was good and there was plenty of variety.

Overall, we had a great experience at this hotel. I loved the signature scent that you smell upon walking in the automatically sliding glass door. The two computers with free Internet were a big bonus. This hotel is a great value, great experience and good location. It was cool to be able to live in a ultra hip, ultra modern room for a few days. I would definitely return to this hotel and give it my full recommendation.

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