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Posted on 4 December 2008 in Barcelona, always!

The Disseny Hub Barcelona (DHuB) will move to a new building in Plaça de les Glòries in 2011, but, while this is being built, the centre will start operations from two bases, Palau Reial in Pedralbes, with the permanent collections, and Palau del Marquès de Llió, dedicated to temporary activities.

More than a museum
The DhuB will house the Textile and Costume Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Centre of Graphic Arts, which will maintain its independence.

The new exhibitions
These two exhibition are part of the “Turisme. Espais de ficció” programme, which, for eight months, has activities on the phenomenona of tourism as seen from the design point of view.

The central activity of this programme is the exhibition of the same name, at the Palau del Marquès de Llió until 24 May.

At the same venue, you can also see “Cartells. Col•lecció Gabinet de les Arts Gràfiques” an exhibition with a selection of the centre’s Spanish posters.

At Palau de Pedralbes, you can see “El cos vestit”, an exhibition which takes a new look at the permanent collection of the Museu Tèxtil i de la Indumentària, and the effect clothes have had on the way we see the body in history.

More inf@: www.bcn.esDisseny Hub Barcelona website: www.dhub-bcn.cat

Disseny Hub Barcelona

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