Emir Kusturika in concert at Poble Espanyol.

Posted on 1 July 2009 in Barcelona, always!, Music & Performances

Poble Espanyol is one of the great summer concert stages. The setting for various festivals, the Montjuïc venue will not be lacking in music this year either.

What’s more, the Poble Espanyol stage will be hosting some big names from the national and international music scenes, with Amaral, Roger Hodgson and Orishas standing out. For the concerts will be numbered tickets for the seating that is going to be erected at the Poble Espanyol. This is one of the major new features this year compared to previous years.

There are all kinds of artists and music on the programme, including Emir Kusturica (2 July), the jazz of George Benson (5 July) and the pop rock of Amaral (10 July). Other names appearing on the Poble Espanyol stage include Rosana (3 July), Rosario (16 July) and Jeff Beck (22 July).

Emir Kusturika in concert at Poble Espanyol - Barcelona

Emir Kusturika in concert at Poble Espanyol - Barcelona


To celebrate ten years of playing together, Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra who are currently touring, release a Best Of with 20 songs from the soundtrack of Black Cat White Cat, Unza Unza Time, the soundtrack of Life is a miracle and the Opera “Time of the Gypsies“. Born on 24 November 1954 in Sarajevo, Emir Kusturica (Емир Кустурица) is a Serbian director, musician and producer. Author of nine films, several television and short films, he also plays guitar in a rock band.

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