Festa del Cel: Barcelona Airshow

Posted on 27 September 2010 in Barcelona, always!, Sports

Barcelona’s seafront will be filled this weekend with the 19th edition of the Festa del Cel, air festival that closes the festivities of La Mercè 2010.

If you will attend the Barcelona Airshow is recommended by public transport, especially metro, and follow the marked routes for pedestrians and bicycles private.

Following, we list some airshow performers during la Festa del Cel:

Patrulla Águila

Patrulla Águila

Patrulla Águila
The Spanish Air Force jet display team returns to Barcelona to cellebrate its 25th anniversary. The 7 CASA C-101 Aviojets will close the airshow with their spectacular nature and precision.
This year, Patrulla Águila’s leader is from Barcelona, Comandante José María “Pep” Alonso.

Patrulla Aspa
Along with Patrulla Águila, Aspa is one of the favourites among Barcelona’s airshow visitors. The display team turns 5 years old and add novelties to their routine, such as a smoke system which makes them even more impressive. They are probably the best helicopter display team in the world.

F-18 Ala 12
The Ala 12 Display Pilot from the Base Aérea de Torrejón will leave us dumbfounded while he makes his McDonell-Douglas F-18 Hornet dance in the sky. Get ready for a performance which will take the jet to its limits.

Puma SAR Squadron

Puma SAR Squadron

Puma SAR Escuadrón 801
The Puma helicopter from Search & Rescue Escuadrón 801 in Palma de Mallorca will perform a sea rescue simulation. These helicopters and their crew are in charge of looking after the ships sailing through the Mediterranean.

Patrouille de France
Lead for the first time by a female pilot, Commander Virginie Guyot, the french display team, one of the favourite foreign performers most endeared by Barcelona’s airshow audience, returns to our city with a new routine for 2010.

In these links you can see all the schedules and the plane of the area where the stunt will take place.

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