Giant Christmas pasta shells will light up Barcelona

Posted on 3 November 2009 in Barcelona, always!

Galet lighting

Galet lighting

No Father Christmases, sledges or stockings hanging from the chimney. This Christmas season, the city’s lights and decorations will be making more reference than ever before to its own traditions, reflecting Barcelona’s Christmas myths and customs.

Which is why the Galet de Nadal or ‘Christmas Pasta Shell’ will be this year’s most iconic Christmas feature, with 26 city locations chosen to display and light up two-metre-high reproductions of this typical Christmas pasta.

Galets were located at Ciutat Vella: Virreina, Rambla  (final monument Colon), Rambla Raval, Portal de l’Àngel, Plaça Pau Vila); Eixample : Aragó (mercat Concepció), Rambla Catalunya / Provença; Rambla Catalunya (Gran Via), Plaça Goya, Avda. Gaudi  – Provença; Sant Montjuïc: Paral•lel / Plaça Ocellets, Passeig Zona Franca / Plaça La Marina de Sants (mercat); Les Corts: Plaça M. Cristina / Avinguda Diagonal; Avinguda Pedralbes / Bisbe Català;  Sarrià – Sant Gervasi: Plaça Kennedy, Dr. Fleming (Ronda Mitre); Gràcia: Plaça Joanic /Pi Maragall, Plaça Lesseps (banda muntanya); Horta Guinardó: Plaça Nen de la Rutlla (Av. Mare de Deu de Montserrat), Jardins Pedro Muñoz Seca / Pg. Vall d’Hebron; Nou Barris:  Ronda de Dalt / Via Júlia, Rio Janeiro / Pg. Valldaura; Sant Andreu : Plaça del Congrés (Felip II), Plaça Ferran Reyes (Meridiana); Sant Martí: Rambla Poble Nou / Pujades, Meridiana / Aragó

It is about getting back to the idea we have of our own Christmas, while boosting cultural activities in every district. In line with the return to Barcelona traditions, the theme of the lights in Gràcia’s commercial centre will be Christmas trades and it will be Christmas food on the Ronda Sant Pau, Urgell and Gran Via.

In addition, this year will see the streets of 21 commercial centres provided with warmer and more sustainable lighting, with double the number of LEDS, and streets which have never been lit up before will be decorated with lights to give a boost to Christmas shopping.

Giant Christmas pasta shells will light up Barcelonas festive season

Giant Christmas pasta shells will light up Barcelona's festive season

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