GoCar: Fun Way to Tour Barcelona.

Posted on 8 October 2008 in Barcelona, always!

GoCar, a new kind of tour company, has fired up the engine on a fun, groundbreaking way to see the amazing sites of the famous Catalan City. This is a first for Europe, the concept has run successfully in the States, but nothing like it exists in terms of sightseeing tours in Europe.

GoCar’s Daytona yellow three-wheeler cars feature a GPS guided audio tour that takes driver and one passenger on a zippy tour of hte city’s famous landmarks providing clear directions and running commentary.

The advanced navigational capabilities of the Global Positioning System deliver an informative tour, high-lighting specific locations throughout Barcelona as you drive. Just follow the friendly audio directions and relax.

More info: www.gocartours.es

GoCar Tours Barcelona Logo
GoCar Barcelona

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