Great-granddaughter to Snowflake born at Barcelona Zoo

Posted on 6 September 2012 in Barcelona, always!

Following a completely normal pregnancy lasting several months, the morning of 1 September saw the arrival of the Snowflake’s great-granddaughter to be born at Barcelona Zoo. The idea is to promote natural breastfeeding, but should the gorilla be unable to suckle her child, the latter will be fed outside the group and reintegrated later on.

Snowflake died in 2003

Snowflake died in 2003

Snowflake (Floquet de Neu, in Catalan) was an albino gorilla. He is the only known albino gorilla so far, and was the most popular resident of the Barcelona Zoo until his death in 2003.

Snowflake’s two other great-grandchildren, N’akouh and Kambiri, are living at zoos in the Netherlands and Ireland respectively.

Barcelona Zoo is launching a public campaign from 4-24 September to choose the new baby gorilla’s name.

The public will have the chance to pick from four names derived from the Fang language, the language spoken in the area where the albino gorilla was found. The options will be Ngumbi, which is a dialect spoken in Río Muni; Afang, meaning “forest”; Nkuê, which means “evening” and Nfung, meaning “rain”.

The public will be able to cast their vote in various ways, including on the Barcelona Zoo website, Facebook profile or Twitter account, or in person at the zoo.

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