Hotel 1898–beautiful but the staff lets it down

Posted on 30 July 2008 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“We just returned from five days in Barcelona staying at Hotel 1898. I really wanted to like this hotel and the facilities are beautiful but the staff lets the place down. Upon arrival, we were struggling to get out of a cab with all of our luggage, our eighteen month old son and his pushchair–being dropped off into the madness of the Ramblas–and the doorman at Hotel 1898 simply stood and watched us. Did not lift a finger to help until we pulled all of our stuff together and struggled over to the door. That should have been a sign.

Check in was okay and the room was lovely, if a bit small for a so-called superior, especially when you add the baby cot. My husband went down to reception to ask for matches and they did not have any. That’s okay but when he asked where he could get some or purchase a lighter, they simply shrugged and turned away. When I needed a cab, which I did every day since I was on business, I went out to the doorman who told me I had to go ask at the desk–despite the fact that there were four cabs lined up in front of the hotel with no passengers! And when I did ask at the desk, I would have to wait ten minutes or more while these empty cabs idled outside. What’s THAT about?

We had a function to go to on Saturday night and asked for an iron to iron my husband’s shirt. We were told none was available for guests but that we could use their laundry service to get it pressed, which would cost us money, of course. Very very naughty from a supposed five star hotetl

The prices are high, yes, particularly on the rooftop bar where a drink sets you back 12 euros or more. And none of the receipts–for room service, drinks, anything–let you add a tip. So, if no one is working for tips, it’s no wonder the services is so shoddy! We kept loose euros on us to tip the deserving ones such as the rooftop bar servers. The rooftop is lovely but maybe instead of staying here, you should just visit it.

There were many more small slights–room service order errors (because the person taking the order could not understand English), LOUD rooms–bring your earplugs, LOUD housekeeping staff–all if it adding up to make this more of a three star hotel than a five star hotel. It is beautiful but the service really lets it down. And since we were paying 225-275 euros a night, it should have been better.

I know this site blocks reviews that it considers derogatory so it will be interesting to see if they are brave enough to post this and even braver to address the service problems at their hotel.”

Experience added by W Sturley, July 08.

Hotel 1898 - Art Nouveau Hall

Good morning Mr & Mrs Sturley,

It is our maximum goal to reach our guests’ expectations, assuring them the most pleasant stay at the 1898 Hotel.

I feel sorry that those unlucky events made your stay not as perfect as we would have loved it to be.

After reading you comments we checked all the information and we would like to explain with detail.

First of all we would like to inform you that our hotel is a 4 star hotel and not a 5 star hotel, we try to offer 5 star services but obviously we do not have all of them.

Regarding the man in the door of Las Ramblas, he is a security man and not the bell boy; anyway we understand that he must help you and we will talk to him in order not to occur again.

We are a non smoking hotel so that is the reason why we do not have matches either lighters.

We would also like to comment that we do not deliver irons to guest rooms for security reasons and that is why we offer the laundry service.

Regarding the taxis outside the hotel there is also one explanation, as you could see, there is another hotel in front of us, both of us work with the same taxi company in order to have everything recorded just in case there is any problem with any guest. We should call to the taxi reservation telephone and inform them which room number takes each taxi, then they send us the taxi and they should wait in front of the hotel until the guest arrive, that is the reason why you could see empty taxis in front, they are empty because they are waiting for guests from both hotels with bookings done.

We will also talk with the house keeping manager in order to avoid all kind of noises, but as you could imagine they have to carry a really heavy trolley to clean the rooms and it is almost impossible not to do any noise at all.

We would like you to be completely sure that we have always cared of your complaint, and we will try to improve all this details.

We apologize once again and remain at your entire disposal.

Best regards,

The Management – Hotel 1898:

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