Hotel 1898 in Las Ramblas of Barcelona.

Posted on 3 September 2007 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“On our previous visit to Barcelona we had stayed at the hotel directly across the street from the 1898. We would sit in the bland, boring bar of that unnamed hotel and look across into the 1898’s beautiful lobby at all of the guests having a ball. We decided right then that we would stay at the 1898 on our next trip.

We were completely blown away by the 1898. The hotel is simply stunning. You step from the chaos of the Ramblas into an incredible oasis of calmness, quiet, and wonderful design. Everything at this hotel exceeded our best expectations many times over. The lounges, the room, the rooftop deck and bar, even the stairwells are fantastic and fitted with the highest quality materials.

The most amazing thing about the 1898 is the cleanliness. This property is spotless. Everything is polished constantly. There is not a speck of dust or a fingerprint or a smudge anywhere to be found. You would expect to see a few dings or scratches in a two-year-old hotel but there are none! The maintenance staff must work 24 hours a day. The housekeeping staff could be found in the lobby and the lounge areas all day long cleaning, dusting and polishing. The upholstered walls were brushed every day. A staff member would clean and polish the masonry planters outside of the hotel on the sidewalk every morning.

The breakfast was delicious, the staff wonderful, and the hotel itself immaculate and gorgeous. The public areas were so well designed and inviting that you simply felt as if you had arrived home. The staff was gracious, friendly and helpful. It was a pleasure simply to sit in the lobby and read the paper with a cup of tea.

There was only one small item we found odd – The bar in the lobby did not serve dessert and the restaurant and bar on the roof level did not have any facilities to make hot beverages, so you could not enjoy dessert and café either upstairs or down. If the lobby bar would serve a small selection of pastries or if the rooftop bar had a cappuccino machine everything would be perfect. This was nothing that a little planning and forethought couldn’t fix.

We cannot wait to return to Barcelona to the Hotel 1898. With any luck we will be back in October after the crowds and temperature have calmed down a bit. There is so much to explore in Barcelona and the 1898 is the perfect place to start out from every morning. We will never think of staying anywhere else again. ”

Post added by Bob Smith in September 2007.

Hotel 1898 in Las Ramblas of Barcelona

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