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Posted on 27 February 2012 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

I stayed at this hotel for 3 nights in a three bedded room with my husband and our son. We were surprised to find that the room, although spacious and adequate in every other way, had no access to daylight. There were windows in the room but they opened onto the inner workings of the hotel and did not let in any light. As the electric lighting in the room was very subdued it was almost impossible to read anything. Furthermore, we could not get any fresh air by opening the windows. This made the room an unpleasant place to be as we had no idea what the weather was like and we had no view of the outside world. I feel that the hotel should have made it clear at the time of booking that the room had no access to daylight or fresh air.

Triple room

Triple room

Stephanie, February 2012.

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  1. admin

    Dear Stephanie,

    First of all thank you for your time writing your opinion online. After reading your comments I am happy to know you considered the room spacious and adequate. Normally the most important problems that guests may find when they book a triple room in Barcelona are regarding the size of the room and, luckily, I understand that the size of the room we gave you was good for 3 people.
    Regarding your opinion about the “views” from the window of the room I am unhappy to know it has been such a big problem for you, especially because it is very simple for us to give you a solution if you tell us during your stay in the hotel. Our service standards are to change rooms (latest following day in the morning) if a client is not happy with the room given, but I do not have any records that you requested it during your stay in our hotel (at least then we would have had an opportunity to help you, now, unfortunately, it is too late).
    There are rooms facing the street and rooms facing inner patios (as in all the urban hotels because all the buildings have rooms facing outside and inside) and all the rooms have advantages and disadvantages. The room you had (room #314) has the advantage of being very quiet at night (no noise from traffic from the street) and it may be true because I do not read any comments about noises in your review.
    Thank you for your comments and, if ever you decide to come again to stay with us, I recommend you to write remarks about your preferences of the room when you book and if you check in and you do not like the room given, please tell us immediately to give us the opportunity of helping you on time. We will be pleased to help you.

    Pablo – Reception Manager

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