II Carmen Amaya Festival

Posted on 27 October 2011 in Barcelona, always!

Flamenco Festival

Flamenco Festival

The festival, organised by Poble Espanyol’s El Tablao de Carmen, pays tribute to Carmen Amaya, who was born in 1913 in the Somorrostro neighbourhood and became one of the most internationally renowned flamenco dancers of the 20th century.

Carmen Amaya returns to the stage. As part of this edition, the Tablao de Carmen Amaya company will premiere a show that takes its inspiration from the Barcelona bailaora.

That is on the first night of the festival, on 28 October, at the Teatre Coliseum, where, directed by José Luís Ortiz Nuevo, four bailaores, two guitarists, a percussionist and three cantaores will present El ritmo de las olas [The Rhythm of the Waves].

The title refers to some remarks by Amaya, who once explained that her sense of dance came to her when she was very young, while listening to the sound of the sea waves.

The Carmen Amaya Festival aims to establish itself as a prestigious event on the flamenco scene, recovering its most important values: purity, essence and spontaneity.

Coliseum -> G.V. Corts Catalanes, 595 | Eixample

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