Just Wonderfull… Just B-Hotel…

Posted on 7 September 2007 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“First the pool, on the roof, so simple hugging Plaza de España and us…so strong image and so relaxing…the sound of city traffic and the b-hotel music choise…so amainzing and so calm… Next the room again a happy view! The colours, the furniture, the smell, the bed and the bath! Just two nights and three days so intensive as Barcelona! So much fellings together that make you thinking that this was the perfect choise… the perfect place…the perfect view…the pefect city. To good to b forgotten…”

Maria Morais Coimbra Portugal (we stayed on 31 Augst, 1 and 2 Sept).

B-Corner Room (B-Hotel)

B-Hotel: www.b-hotel.com

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