Mid Beach Season in Barcelona!

Posted on 11 April 2011 in Barcelona, always!, Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

With ‘mid beach season‘ now upon us, most of the seasonal services have now been launched: showers, beach refreshment stands and outdoor lavatories will all be opened to the public.

Summer Offers at NN Hotels

Summer Offers at NN Hotels

Over all the weekends in April, the Easter holidays, and from 1 to 29 May, various Red Cross and Guàrdia Urbana [city police] rescue and first-aid services will be activated, along with environmental information services.

Cleaning measures have also been launched, with daily operations and an expected doubling of the number of waste bins.

Security measures include both uniformed and civilian police beach patrols on foot, and various beach-based prevention and response units for muggings, robberies and hawking on the beach.

What’s more, there will be extra patrols from district and specialist units such as: the Administrative and Security Police Unit (UPAS), the Day-Time Support Unit (USD), the Mounted Unit (UM), the Centralised Night-Time Unit (UNOC) and the Traffic Unit (UC).

The Barcelona Beaches website will be providing real-time information over the Easter holidays on sea conditions, flags, temperatures and sunshine (UV index) for each of the beaches. This year the city’s beaches will offer city residents 14 free WiFi hotspots, in addition to the 411 hotspots spread through out the city.

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