Mobile World Center (MWC) in Barcelona

Posted on 18 February 2013 in Barcelona, always!

Barcelona is taking another step forward in its role as world capital with the opening of the Mobile World Centre, the world’s first permanent exhibition and interaction space on mobile technology. It will enable visitors to discover and experiment with the latest novelties in the field and once again make Barcelona a world benchmark in the sector.

The centre has been created to foster the use of new mobile technologies, to experiment with them and show their potential, while promoting opportunities for businesses in the sector, according to Anne Bouverot-Reymond, the CEO of GSMA, who pointed out that “businesses and organisations from around the world will be able to come here and show where mobile technologies have got to and what their roles will be in the future“.

Mobile World Center | Barcelona

Mobile World Center | Barcelona

Located in the heart of Barcelona, in Plaça de Catalunya, the Mobile World Centre boasts 1.800 square metres of floorspace on three floors. The first floor has a permanent exhibition space which is open to the public, with free admission, where they will be able to discover the latest novelties in mobile technologies.

Called mWorld, it contains four sections: mHistory, which features the history of mobiles; mWolrd Speed, offering dynamic screens that give data on mobile telephones; mWolrd Definition, which explores the capacity of technologies to transform our lives, and mWorld Experience, with interactive and enhanced reality screens.

The building’s second floor has a multipurpose area earmarked for temporary exhibitions and talks, while the ground floor plays host to the Espacio Movistar, an avant-garde shopping area that displays the latest services available from the company.

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