ModaFAD: “On Wheels” Parade & Fashion Market

Posted on 12 July 2011 in Barcelona, always!



While The Brandery, an urban fashion fair designed to show off the latest trends from the big brands, is organising a competition for new talent, the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk, an indie fashion platform, is letting in two big names: TCN and Mango.

Such apparent contradictions share the same spirit, that of putting Barcelona on the fashion map, publicising successful businesses and introducing up-and-coming designers.

This July at least sees these two events coinciding with the ModaFAD events and activities once again to provide a highly unique fashion week.

As for ModaFAD, which continues to be a platform for emerging fashion, the activities this year are included in the Barcelona Design Festival and, more specifically, the FADFest. This edition’s logo is “On wheels“.

The catwalk, PasaFAD, will take place at the FAD centre and on Plaça dels Àngels on 14 July, offering an opportunity to discover the design school’s up-and-coming creators.

The following day (15 July) the showroom MerkaFAD will be held at the Fira de Barcelona, at the Brandery site. There visitors will be able to buy items from the designers that took part in the parade.

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