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Posted on 6 July 2007 in Barcelona, always!

In order to further enhance its services, and to provide more personalised customer care, Núñez i Navarro Hotels now allows visitors to explore its corporate website in multiple languages. With this new feature, web users can access the Núñez i Navarro Hotels site not only in Spanish and English, but in German and French, as well.

By making its website contents available in various languages, Núñez i Navarro is better able to respond to the universality of the Internet and satisfy market demands. The innovative site opens its virtual doors to the international public, responds to current demands and further demonstrates the company’s consolidation and expansion.

The Núñez i Navarro Hotels team has fully managed the design and production of the site’s new multilingual facet.

Through ongoing improvements to its website, Núñez i Navarro Hotels consistently provides not only the best services, but the best of Barcelona to each and every customer.

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