Museu del Perfum in Barcelona.

Posted on 27 February 2008 in Barcelona, always!

The Perfume Museum of Barcelona, installed in the Passeig de Gr cia 39, it was inaugurated in the middle of the year 1961 in order to show an extensive exhibition of perfume containers and essence from different cultures and civilisations.

The showcases expose from Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Arab containers, and from other old cultures, passing for the essence jars, perfumers and perfume vessels of all the times, to the most modern creations of the perfumers of today. The museum collection is constituted for five thousand pieces between old and modern perfume vessels, apart from miniatures, catalogues, labels and old advertising material.

The perfume, it has been and it is in all the times, an appreciated and valuable product, for this reason the vessels and other containers that have kept them they have outstanding always, for being original in its forms, or valuable in the used materials, or both things simultaneously. The old bottles are a faithful reflection of the art and the culture of each one of the towns that have used them and at the modern time you can follow through their forms and designs all the artistic movements that have arisen in a determined while from history.


Perfum Museum of Barcelona

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