My first visit to Barcelona

Posted on 7 November 2007 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“I didn’t know what to expect when I visited Barcelona for the first time. I travel quite frequently for business and I’ve learned that to make travelling less of a hassle� it is important to plan� my day ahead of time and� to avoid those little things that might� interfere with my schedule. Things such as� hotel accomodations, car rental, and restaurants. And when I travel for pleasure I apply the same principle.

When I decided to choose to stay at Soho Barcelona I didn’t have any grand expection of the location, services and amenities in the hotel. All what I need is a comfortable and safe place to stay, close to areas where I� want to go and visit to learn about the culture, art and history� of Barcelona, and lastly a place where� I can find a good selection of restaurants and entertainment.� The Soho Barcelona Hotel is just the right hotel during my visit. Barcelona is a huge tourist city and I for one is not good in dealing with crowd, especially when I am on vacation.� And to visit Barcelona crowd is unavoidable. The location of Soho Barcelona is perfect at a day’s end� after visiting museums, parks, and shopping where one has to deal with crowd all the time. Each days end when I get to my hotel is like being in an Oasis. My room is very quite (thank you for the suggestion of the staff to choose an interior room) and each night is always a good night sleep. The hotel is almost private in a lot of ways as I didn’t see too many families with children (not that I am against travellers with families and kids. I just need a little space when� I a travelling for pleasure).

When I go out walking at night� to look for� a place to eat or� to look for coffee shops I feel safe.� And to navigate the city using the local transport (Metro and the� Ferracallis) is easy relative to the location of the hotel. The only minor thing that the hotel should look into is the longer hours of operation of the swimmimg pool. May I suggest a heated swimming pool during the winter months (October-February) and a Suana. I� really enjoyed and leaned about the arts, culture and history of the city during my visit.

I defenitely come back and stay at the same hotel again.”

Post added by Dennis Sidoro, November 2007.

Hotel Soho Barcelona - Urban Style


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