New elephant at Barcelona Zoo

Posted on 20 June 2009 in Barcelona, always!

Elephant at Barcelona Zoo

Elephant at Barcelona Zoo

 Yoyo, the new elephant, will stay out of the public eye for a while to help her adapt to her new habitat and companion
Susi, the only elephant living at Barcelona Zoo, now has a new companion, Yoyo, a 39-year-old, 3.5 ton African elephant, who hails from the Parc d’Aqualeon (Tarragona).

Yoyo’s arrival has put an end to Susi’s solitary existence since the start of 2008 and was made possible thanks to the agreement reached between several institutions and those in charge of Parc d’Aqualeon and Barcelona Zoo.

Every one considered the move to be the best option because, when it comes to pack animals, it is advisable that they have companions, that they socialise and maintain the matriarchal social structure typical of their species.

The elephant installation at Barcelona Zoo has been redesigned and extended to accommodate Yoyo. That means its surface area was doubled to 2,000 square metres, while its orography was also changed to help with animal enrichment procedures.

This work is the preliminary step towards creating a new habitat for the elephants which, covering an area of some 10,000 square metres, will recreate the natural space of the Savannah and is part of the Ciutadella Zoo’s comprehensive renewal programme.

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