New Review at Hotel 1898 – Las Ramblas

Posted on 12 May 2009 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

I recently stayed at Hotel 1898 Barcelona on the 1st to the 5th of May and must say this is one of the best city Hotels I have ever stayed at. The hotel is an excellent position in the heart of Las Ramblas and has real ambience. The roof terrace and pool is really cool with a nice pool and great sun loungers/beds. The room service and food in general was excellent and the staff are very helpful.If you stay in Barcelona there is only one Hotel to stay in and thats 1898.

Experience written by Patrick Rosso, May 2009.

Solarium - Hotel 1898 in Las Ramblas

Solarium - Hotel 1898 in Las Ramblas

Hotel 1898:

  3 thoughts on “New Review at Hotel 1898 – Las Ramblas

  1. Ron Cecilione

    We arrived on April 29th from the United States to begin our 2 week stay in Europe. Our first night was ath the Hotel 1898 and to say the least it was an outstanding experience. We were treated like royalty and it began our trip on a very high note. All sightseeing and transportation starts and stops at the front door. You can now use the money you would normally spend on a taxi for dinner or sightseeing.

  2. Kristen K

    We have never received such poor service in all our years of traveling. The staff was incompetent and could not answer simple questions. While checking out one of the hotel, staffers appparently did not know how to check out hotel guests properly, and had our taxi cab turn around to come back to the hotel for us to do his job for him when we were practically at the airport already. We were late for our flight, and barely made it on time after the fiasco at the hotel. All six of us have never had such a horrible experience in our lives. We are avid travelers, and have never experienced this before. Its a beatutiful hotel that is run so poorly. Besides us the hotel was practically empty, and now we can see why. When we walked into our rooms the first day it felt like a sauna. Usually when a hotel knows guests are on their way they would turn the air on. Not this hotel. Horrible experience. Hopefully other NN hotels aren’t run so poorly. We weren’t even able to report this experience because there wasn’t anyone available to report it to!

  3. admin

    Dear Kirsten K,
    We feel truly sorry that your stay was not as you would expect it.

    It is our maximum goal to reach our guests’ expectations and assuring them the most pleasant stay at the 1898 Hotel. We feel sorry that those unlucky events made your stay not as perfect as we would have loved it to be.

    Regarding the problems occurred, I am sure it was a misunderstanding, we should have explained you at your arrival that in order to check out, any guest must pass through reception before departure.

    As you didn’t inform us that another guest was paying for your room we were obligated to ask to the taxi driver to turn around and return to the hotel.

    You should understand we have nearly 200 rooms in the hotel and we also need communication from the guests to ensure everything is working fine.

    Regarding our staff, you could see in most of our reports, our staff is perfectly prepared and always ready to help guests, and regarding your report we should inform you that we have a front desk manager in charge 24 hours per day.

    As we told you before, we are really sorry that your stay was not as good as you desire.

    We remain at your entire disposal.
    Jordi Garriga,
    Front Desk Manager
    Hotel 1898

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