Nivell Zero. Places that do not exist (Google Earth 1.0)

Posted on 11 November 2009 in Barcelona, always!

Nivell Zero. Places do not exist (Google Earth 1.0)

Nivell Zero. Places do not exist (Google Earth 1.0)

Isaki Lacuesta

and Isa Campo claim a reality above and beyond technology in their exhibition being held at the Suñol Foundation entitled Places that do not exist (Google Earth 1.0). Some people believe computers know everything, so if something fails to appear on Google, that means it does not exist.

These include real places located in Columbia, Ecuador, Russia, Australia and Spain that are hidden by Google Earth, either for being protected areas (military facilities, government buildings and nudist beaches) or for having been transformed by property speculation.

During the period between December 2007 to September 2008, Lacuesta and Campo visited each of these “non-existent” locations on the map, to show how things really are over there. The exhibition features the photos and recordings they made for reclaiming the need for continuing a direct and human vision of our world, without false intermediaries.

Exhibition ‘NIVEL ZERO Lugares que no existen (Google Earth 1.0)’ 
From 01/10/2009 to 28/11/2009
Fundació Suñol -> Pg Gràcia, 98 – Eixample

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