OVNI (Unidentified Video Observatory), audiovisual exhibition at CCCB Barcelona

Posted on 23 February 2011 in Art & Architecture, Barcelona, always!

Audiovisual exhibition - OVNI

Audiovisual exhibition - OVNI

The CCCB is holding the 13th “Unidentified Video Observatory” (OVNI), from 22 to 27 February. This year it will be reflecting on the concept of “disreality“. It will feature 45 items selected from the 190 acquired by the observatory’s archives this year.

Silvio Berlusconi‘s media model is reflected in his television which, among other things, draws a grotesque, vulgar and humiliating image of women. This is the reality portrayed in Lorella Zanardo’s documentary Il corpo delle donne.

Life 2.0, by Jason Spingarn-Koff, shows how Second Life has become an alter ego of reality. And Goldfarmers, by Ge Jin, reflects on the duality of secret workshops in China, where men spend hours playing multi-player games online to win virtual goods.

All these films reflect on reality. Or, rather, on “disreality“, which is the main theme of the audiovisual exhibition OVNI (Unidentified Video Observatory).

An archive that contains over 2.000 items of video art, independent documentaries and media archaeology, it aims to encourage criticism of contemporary politics, culture and society.

Festival audiovisual OVNI 2011 ‘desrealitat’
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona -> C Montalegre, 5 | Ciutat Vella

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