Picasso and the Circus.

Posted on 29 November 2006 in Barcelona, always!

Picasso’s connections with the world of the circus were extremely important throughout his life. In Barcelona at the end of the 19th century and, from 1901 onwards in Paris, travelling circuses were where the young Picasso could often be found visiting and admiring.

Late 1904 and the beginning of 1905 is when the subject of the circus, in particular the Medrano circus, became an essential part of his life and work and the focal point of the output of the period. The artist created a fictitious scene where acrobats and tight-rope walkers play roles in daily life, display their domestic problems, isolation and lack of understanding of their feelings.

Temporally Exhibition: From 16 November 2006 to 18 February 2007.

Website: http://www.museupicasso.bcn.es/
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Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

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