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Posted on 22 June 2007 in Barcelona, always!

The collections of the Picasso Museum reveal, to a large extent, the relations that the artist maintained with Barcelona and depict the key moments of this affinity. As a matter of fact, a large part of present collect comes from the donation that Picasso himself made in 1970 of all his early work.

Owing to this, the museum is very rich in regard to work from the formative periods in the life of the artist; we could say that it is practically exhaustive. Furthermore, the museum possesses an important representation of works from 1917, the year that Picasso met Olga Kokhlova and went to Rome with Diaguilev’s ballet company to prepare Parade. Afterwards, he would travel to Barcelona to introduce her to his family.

Therefore, that year Picasso spent a long period in Barcelona. A group of very important works bears witness to this stay; they mark the transition from Cubism to the reencounter with classicism, favoured by his journey to Italy. Some examples of these are Harlequin, Woman with Mantilla, Figure with Fruit Dish and Blanquita Suárez, excellent Cubist pieces, but with more concessions to polychromy and ornamental elements.

The collection is exhaustive up to the Blue Period, of which the museum has a priceless group of works. The end of this period coincides with Picasso’s departure to live indefinitely in Paris, in April 1904.

As can be appreciated, the collections in the Picasso Museum have an unquestionable Barcelonian character, and at the same time, have given a marked Picasso character to Barcelona.

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Source: www.museupicasso.bnc.es

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