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Posted on 28 April 2008 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“We spent three nights at H1898. We wanted a top-end establishment in the heart of the touristy part of the city, and we picked the 1898, well, to be honest, because of the tripadvisor reviews – I think it was no. 1 in popularity at the time of booking!

The reception was slightly disappointing – in spite of my having given my credit card details when booking, the clerk insisted on taking a photocopy of the card, something I have never encountered before.
The room (we took a ‘superior’ room) was superbly furnished (it must have cost a bomb to kit out!), with mahogany furniture, exotic parquet flooring and a gorgeous all-marble bathroom. Everything was spanking new, and not a sign of shabbiness anywhere. I particularly liked the lighting ‘modules’, whereby you can choose a programme such as ‘Welcome’, ‘Ambience’, Read’, or ‘Night’; I wish I had installed such modules when recently building our house, but had never heard of them or imagined them before.

At night the room was quite noisy. This didn’t bother us as we wanted a room right on La Rambla, and sleep well through noise; but the window was ill-fitting, and it sounded as though it was open all the time. The hotel could well do a bit of work on soundproofing, which could be far more effective.
The bed was very comfortable, but I could have done with sheets and blankets rather than duvets, which are far too hot (I often end up taking the duvet out and sleeping under its cover only).
The bathroom was luxurious as I have said, but why only one tiny cake of soap? It looks mean amidst all the luxury. The bath taps were complicated to work out: there were three of them, all with different functions, and the porter could have given an explanation when he brought the bags up.
The service at reception was excellent (although we only asked for restaurant bookings in town a couple of times). Otherwise the reception staff were perfectly helpful and friendly.
The spa was delightful (although I was hoping for a jacuzzi temperature!). We didn’t check the roof terrace and pool as it was far too cold.

Breakfast was fine, but perhaps a trifle dear. We had the small breakfast: coffee, tea or chocolate with ready-made salami sandwiches, or croissants and pastries, for €9. The large breakfast (strangely called ‘continental’ – which for me is a limited meal) looked excellent, but very expensive (€20 I think) and we didn’t want to fill ourselves up before lunch.
I was disappointed by the fact that there was nowhere (apart from outside on the roof) that I could smoke. Most hotels have a smoking room or you can smoke in the bar, but I was banished to a sleazy bar in the Plaça Reial to indulge my naughty habit (I can hear righteous non-smokers cheering). But there seems to be no reason why the beautiful and unused marble hall giving on to the side-entrance (La Rambla entrance) should not be set aside for smokers.
The situation is perfect for the tourist, being smack in La Rambla, and almost everything you want is within not unreasonable walking distance (Park Guëll apart).The price is perfectly normal and reasonable for what the hotel is – no arguments there.

All in all a good experience, and tripadvisor’s reviewers were absolutely right. We would certainly stay here again.”

Experience published by Nicholas Michael, April 08.

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