Renovated Can Cottet Thermometer

Posted on 11 July 2011 in Barcelona, always!

Can Cottet Thermometer inauguration

Can Cottet Thermometer inauguration

The enormous thermometer on the Can Cottet facade (Avinguda Portal de l’Àngel, 40), which weighs two tonnes and is 22 metres long, started working again last Wednesday.

The Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias & Jorge Cottet, the Chairman of Cottet Òptics, presided over the inauguration ceremony to mark the renovation of this unique urban feature, which was carried out by the Barcelona City Council Institute of Urban Landscape and Quality of Life in collaboration with Cottet Òptics.

During the ceremony the thermometer, which has recorded temperatures in the city since 1956, was awarded as “Petit paisatge de Barcelona” plaque. The plaque, which is round and embedded in the pavement, is the first such Barcelona mini-landscape plaque to be laid in the city.

Rolando Cottet, the grandfather of the current chief executive of the brand, had the idea for the thermometer, which was installed on the facade of the first Cottet store in December in 1955 and inaugurated on 25 February 1956, a year remembered to the biggest cold wave in the 20th century.

Given its emblematic value the Municipal Institute of Urban Landscape and Cottet Òptics signed a collaborative agreement for the repair and conservation of the thermometer as we know it.


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