La Sagrada Familia

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The Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia, known simply as the Sagrada Familia, is undoubtedly the masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí, and the greatest exponent of Catalan modernist architecture. Not only is it one of the most visited monuments in Spain, next to the Prado Museum and the Alhambra in Granada, and the most visited church in Europe after St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican, but also the symbol par excellence of Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia

The construction of this unique Temple began in 1882, and one year later Antoni Gaudí was appointed Project Director. He worked on the project over 40 years until his death in 1926. The overall plan and his in-depth studies of the project, based on the use of innovative geometrical shapes of naturalist style, are tje cornerstones on which the current architects continue the work to this date.

Eight of the twelve bell towers of the façade, dedicated to the Apostles and having a height exceeding 100 metres, are already built. The four belfries awaiting construction are those of the Façade of Glory, the 170-metre central dome in honour of Jesus Christ, the Tower of the Virgin Mary (125m) and the Tower of the 4 Evangelist. The vaults of the main nave are finished, and work is focused now on the area of the transepts and the apse.

La Sagrada Familia

From the beginning, the only financing for building the Temple of the Sacred Family, built under the concept of a temple of atonement, came only from private donations and it continues to be so due to generous donations from the faithful and admirers of the project.

How to get to the Sagrada Familia

There are three main ways to get to the temple:

Access to the Sagrada Familia

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