Saint George, Book & Rose Day!

Posted on 2 April 2007 in Barcelona, always!

The name George comes from Greek and means “farmer; one who works the earth”. The famous legend about Saint George presents him as the heroic soldier and knight who fought the dragon that lived in a lake and had a whole city in Libya terrified. The animal demanded two lambs to eat every day, in order to not approach the city. Eventually, the farmers began to run out of sheep, and decided to feed the beast a person instead, to be chosen through a daily lottery. One day, the King’s daughter “won” the lottery, but just as the beast was about to eat her, Saint George intervened and saved her. Because of this act, Saint George is the Patron Saint of Chivalry. The Legend of Saint George was written in the 18th century by Santiago de la Vorágine in his celebrated work, “The Golden Legend.”

Because it is a Special Date in Barcelona, from Núñez i Navarro Hotels, we offer you a Special Saint George Pack, on 23rd April.

Saint George Pack - NN Hotels

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