Sardinas & Rumba in La Caseta del Migdia, Montjuïc

Posted on 20 July 2010 in Barcelona, always!

The summer invites you to enjoy the open air. And there’s nothing better than a good meal with some good music out in the open to while away the hot days. These are the ingredients for “Sardines&Rumba“, the new culinary event on Montjuïc mountain this summer.

Sardines & Rumba

Sardines & Rumba

Book a Wednesday night during July and August (from 9 pm on) and enjoy a big public sardine barbecue, accompanied by the best of Catalan Rumba, and extraordinary views of Barcelona harbour from Montjuïc.

These culinary nights are a new initiative from the La Caseta del Migdia (Marc Ros, co-organiser) and Moritz.

Besides sardines, anyone going to “Sardines & Rumba” will be able to savour a first dish and some very refreshing desserts. The full menu includes a salad, six barbecued sardines and a melon and watermelon shish kebab.

As for drinks, in addition to beer you’ll find a Catalan-style jug of wine, to make it an especially traditional menu. The total cost per person is €19. For further information make a booking, please call 934 235 434.

Where: La Caseta del Migdia (Mirador del Migdia-Montjuic)

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