Seeing is believing: Barcelona World Press Photo

Posted on 28 November 2011 in Barcelona, always!

For the 8th consecutive year, the Photographic Social Vision Foundation is organising the itinerant “World Press Photo” exhibition, which received more than 35,000 visitors last year. In this edition 5.691 photographers of 125 different nationalities participated in the award’s ten categories.

Barcelona World Press Photo

Barcelona World Press Photo

The CCCB presents the 170 winning photographs at this edition of the prestigious international photojournalism award, under the logo “Seeing is believing“.

The aim is to show the role of documentary photography in current affairs, as a finger on the pulse of world society.

The year’s winning photograph comes from the South African Jodi Bieber, who immortalised Bibi Aisha, an 18-year-old Afghan girl mutilated as punishment for running away from the house of her husband after suffering violence at the hands of her in-laws.

The Taliban went in search of her in revenge for the humiliation received and cut off her ears and nose. She was subsequently rescued and taken to a shelter run by the organisation Women for Afghan Women, which brought her over to the United States for medical treatment and facial reconstructive surgery.

Three Spanish photographs also received awards: Gustavo Cuevas, who won the second prize in the Sports category for his snapshot of the gored matador Julio Aparicio; Fernando Moleres, who received second prize in the Daily Life category for his photograph of child prisoners in Sierra Leone, and Guillem Valle, who won the third prize in the Portraits category, for his picture of a man from the Dinka tribe in southern Sudan, a group of farmer and cattle-raising nomads.

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