Sign up for the Cursa de la Mercè (Barcelona race)

Posted on 30 July 2009 in Barcelona, always!, Sports

Cursa de la Mercè (Barcelona race)

Cursa de la Mercè (Barcelona race)

The most popular sporting event of the city’s big festival, in its 31st year, will be back on 20 September at 9.30am for the traditional 10k run round the city streets. So, anyone who wants to take part and doesn’t want to run the risk of being left out, the entry period ends on 15 September, although it could close earlier if the maximum number of 10,000 participants is reached. You can enter via the Cursa de la Mercè 2009 website.

You have to enter beforehand if you want to run in this race. This year there will be a token €5 entry fee, including VAT, and all this money will go to the sporting project of the ANUE (Association for the United Nations), a Spanish NGO that supports the UN. This means the 31st Mercè festival fun run will also be an act of solidarity and social commitment.

As in other Barcelona fun runs, you have to use a time chip. Runners can use the yellow chip, if they have their own, or buy one from the usual places. If you don’t have one, the organisers will give you a single-use, non-returnable one for €3 (inc VAT).

On this, as on previous occasions, the organisers are preparing a chip recycling campaign called “El teu gest val per dos” (Your gesture is worth two); as a gesture both for the environment and out of solidarity, because each chip collected means 80 cents for ANUE.

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  5 thoughts on “Sign up for the Cursa de la Mercè (Barcelona race)

  1. Jeanine lamb

    Cuando es el Curso, el 19 domingo o el lunes 20 (un instituto cultural me dijo el 19), a las 9:00am? Donde es la ruta, por cuales calles? Es montanosa? Quiero venir a correrla, desde USA.

  2. Jeanine lamb

    Gracias por su atencion. Trate un par de veces de inscribirme, pero, requieren numero de Chip. Tratare entonces comprar un chip aqui, para poder inscribirme. (no puedes ser acepto en la pagina de inscripcion sin ese numero.)

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