Six Degrees of Proximity

Posted on 23 April 2008 in Barcelona, always!

The things farthest apart, the most distant rivals, the characters in the most wildly different stories are all connected by Six Degrees of Separation – a chain of just six people. These collages shape meaning; characters from different ages see each other face to face; and the strangest pieces make up a jigsaw of Six Degrees of Separation. This is what happens in a certain independent music scene in Barcelona. Each group is a piece that refuses to fit with the others – from raw experimentation to Colourful Melodrama and Classical Pop – but as a whole they make up a rich tapestry of very different sounds and approaches with shared members, records, bars, ideas and a healthy obsession with controlling what they do.

Six Degrees of Separation seeks out the points of connection between these six groups from Barcelona: each group will perform the same song in their own (very different) fashion and, in addition, will take part in the performance given by the following band. They will all help each other out, share the stage and follow their own paths like a double-headed arrow winging its way to two faraway targets.

Location: La Pedrera – Passeig de Gracia, 92
More Info: Obra Social Caixa


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