Snowflake is filmed in Barcelona

Posted on 15 June 2010 in Barcelona, always!

Snowflake, the white gorilla, (Floquet de Neu, el goril·la blanc); is currently being filmed in Barcelona. It is a film that mixes the story of the albino gorilla’s early days in Barcelona with fantasy. Animals in 3D interact with real people to create a film which aims to commemorate the most famous gorilla in the world.

Snowflake working

Snowflake working

In the 1960, Snowflake, the most famous gorilla in the world due to his albino fur, arrived at Barcelona zoo. It certainly wasn’t easy for him to adapt to being with the other gorillas.

So just imagine, due to the problems he had adapting to life with the other gorillas, Floquet decided to go in search of a witch who would make him black. This is the premise of the film Floquet de Neu, el goril·la blanc, which is currently being filmed in Barcelona: el Zoo, el Parc Güell, el Parc de la Ciutadella or el barrio de Gràcia.

The film, directed by Andrés G. Schaer, mixes the story of the gorilla’s early days in Barcelona zoo with fantasy. And what better way to do so, and at the same time recreate the animal, than in 3D.

It is thanks to this technology that Floquet de Neu comes back to life and lives alongside real people. Among them, Pere Ponce, the ‘baddy’ of the film and Elsa Pataky, the Witch of the North, who Floquet will ask to grant his wish to become black.

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