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Posted on 17 April 2008 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“Visiting Barcelona means visiting ART. It is a city full not only by museums but also by coulture. Gaudi is the personality that has left his footprints for the years to stay but other architects and the Miro’ Foundation join the city’s picture. Visiting MACBA has been interesting and using an open-roof tourist-bus was practical and fun to see a big part of the city. Dissapointing has been the visit at the Picasso museum (where only Catalan and Spanish languages are used for the exposed works and the staff is rather impolite and doesn’t speek english). A nice surprise was shopping at the spanish designers’ shops like Antonio Miro’, Agatha Ruth de la Prada, Roberto Verino ecc.

Many Barcelonians don’t speak a foreign language, but if you happen to speak italian like me, it is rather easy to order and buy things. In SOHO hotel the staff has been very polite and speek english. Staying at SOHO offers a lot of surprises like the automatic windows, special lighting regulated by the visitor, designer’s items and constuctions and what is more there is 24h free internet room. I would also like to note that the hotel’s area is full of cafe, restaurants and bars, but the best is the the bakery across the street with delicious sweets.

I hope to return soon…….. ”

Experience published by Costas, Apr 08.

Mezzanie - Hotel Soho Barcleona

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