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Posted on 31 August 2007 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“Both myself and my husband stayed in the SoHo last weekend (3/8/07-7/8/07).

The hotel was a fantastic experience, as the room we stayed in was of a very high standard and we were very impressed by the hotels cleanliness.

The staff, and in particular Oliver were extremely helpfull, Oliver was very informative, and gave us great advice on local restaurants, bars and shopping.

The rooftop terrace is a great feature of the hotel, as it gives you panoramic views of Barcelona city and of the surrounding mountains. Although, it would greatly benefit of the addition of a rooftop bar.

Without a doubt would definetely stay in the SoHo hotel again, and would also highly recommend the hotel to friends and family.”

-NYC BABY- comment added in August 2007.

Soho Urban Room - Hotel Soho in Barcelona


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