Soho Barcelona Hotel – Romantic Pack

Posted on 26 October 2007 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“A different hotel experience due to the Euro modern rooms and subdued lighting. My room was large and had a view of all the city. The beds are very comfortable, good flat screen tv, very clean atmosphere. The hotel is close enough to walk to nightlife, shopping and dining. erhaps the best news is the hotel staff. They appear concerned with your stay, answering all of our questions in a friendly and helping manner. I was correctly directed to my destinations and offered alternatives when needed. My package came with dinner at a local restaurant only a block away that turned out to be the best food of the trip, absolutely delicious. A good staff can make or break a stay at any hotel. The staff here is excellent! I would come again or try another hotel in the same chain.

Loved Barcelona.”

Post added by Bryan Teddy, October 07.

Iurantia Restaurant - Romantic Pack Hotel Soho Barcelona

Romantic Pack – Hotel Soho Barcelona

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