Soho Barcelona Hotel: Soho Design

Posted on 7 June 2007 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

Hotel Soho’s sophisticated design lends it a cosmopolitan, minimalist and essentially urban character that sets it apart from the city’s other hotels. Its spaces are elegant and peaceful, shaded in grays and whites with special brushstrokes in unexpected shapes and colors.

The frosted stained glass adds a special sophisticated touch.
Hotel Soho’s interior and exterior design communicates new sensations and concepts.

The level of this visual stimulus starts off subtly in the lobby, and continues throughout the entire hotel and the rooms, where the process culminates with a momentous change from hot to soft lighting.

Image Soho Hotel

Thanks so the participation, collaboration and influence of skilled experts:

  • Alfredo Arribas
  • Franc Aleu
  • Verner Panton

Hotel Soho is a magnificent synthesis of professionalism and a strong commitment to quality, design and prestige.

Soho Hotel

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